About me

me and some purple hairHello, I’m Raena.

I’m Australian, originally from Hobart. Right now I’m living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Professionally I’ve done a bunch of stuff like:

  • working as an editor
  • co-authoring a couple of books
  • being a radio presenter
  • being a union rabble-rouser
  • contributing good stuff to tech websites
  • speaking on panels
  • making websites
  • teaching others how to make their own websites
  • getting excited about plain language

And you’ll also find me:

  • eating lots of cheese
  • cutting my own hair sometimes (tread carefully)
  • collecting cool pens and notebooks
  • taking lots of photos
  • thinking about writing a book someday (solo! yikes)
  • knitting
  • thinking about my next tattoo
  • getting salty on, or about, social media