WordPress is 15, so…

…so to celebrate I’m going to have a go at restarting my blog.


Well, it’s not just that reason. It’s because there’s this growing feeling in the back of my head that I’m letting my online self become someone else’s product, and it feels gross. And I’m definitely not alone:

I used to blog back in the day. I even had a vaguely anonymous one that I used to be a political sassbitch back when Australian political blogging was in its prime. I’ve kept backups of my posts though I’m happy for them to disappear into the ether (I guess it’s easy enough for you, dear reader, to find them if you’re desperate for my famous lemon slice recipe or whatever). I can keep those backups because I had tools that made this possible, because your content was yours. And that’s just not the case on things like Facebook or Twitter. Of course you can get a backup/export/dump of all your words, but that’s not the same thing at all. I started and restarted blogs a couple of times.

Movable Type and then WordPress were my tools of choice. I was there when MT users cracked the shits about licensing and moved en masse to the infant WordPress, and I followed eventually. I had a few moments of goodness and a lot of moments of total bollocks but you know what? They were still my total bollocks, to do with as I please. They were a big part of my professional development. I’m still implementing WordPress today as part of my work.

It’s not that all social media sucks all the time. I’m grateful, especially for Twitter, for it being a platform where I can look out for what my friends and family are up to. It’s essential when I’m so far away and it was a major part of me settling in to my two big moves between cities. But social media is also a place where some incredibly bad shit has gone down, from the tiniest Twitter beef to the actual manipulation of international affairs.

And you know, fuck propping that up with my time and attention.

The more of me I reveal in social media, the more of me keeps trickling away into some corporation’s coffers.If you’ve known me for awhile online you’ll maybe notice that I just don’t share a lot about myself any more. I’ll share something interesting/bitchy/whatever or I’ll cross-post a photo on Instagram but I’m just not interested in sharing my actual thoughts there anymore, and it’s stifling, and a bit shit.

I want someplace online that’s mine again. I think a lot of us do. I miss having a place of my own. And the tools have been right here all this time.

So, hi. Again. It’s nice to see you, wherever you are, whoever you are.